The extra team member that’s always around when you need it

You’re great at your job. But you’d be much better if you could spend less time on routine office tasks like PowerPoint or web research, and more time on the things you are really good at.


That´s where JobAssigner comes into the picture…


We have carefully curated a large group of top, global freelancers that will exceed your expectations within all our service areas.


To ensure that you can truly focus on your more important tasks, we have built a team of local project managers that will be your exclusive point of contact and make sure that your project is delivered on time, with the highest quality at a very low price.

Do more of the stuff you love – the stuff that you do best. Let us manage the tasks that slow you down!


JobAssigner is a fast growing Swedish-Norwegian start-up with offices in Stockholm and Oslo. The company was co-founded by a small group of serial entrepreneurs with more than half a century of combined experience from successful software and consulting companies like QuestBack, Easyresearch, Admincontrol and Abou.