Our design experts will help you with all your design needs; a new logo, illustrations and infographics, animations, business cards, banners, ads, annual review reports, etc.



Our translators are standing by 24/7 to help you translate between a wide range of languages (English, French, Norwegian, Finish, German, Italian, Swedish, Danish, and many more…).


Our methodology ensures a high quality result as we always use both a translator and a proof-reader on every assignment. This guarantees a quality result at the usual low JobAssigner price.


Data Entry

We help you out with Excel models, manual text entry, compilation of text and data from several sources, converting different formats, editing pictures or data, and much, much more.



More and more companies are turning to video to present their products and services. Price has discouraged a more widespread use of video, but JobAssigner completely changes this. We offer a wide variety of video options at an incredibly low production price.


A popular option are whiteboard videos where the combination of a hand drawing illustrations before your eyes and a perfectly synced voice-over, creates a powerful experience that presents your product/service in a powerful way.


Take a look at JobAssigner’s own whiteboard video here…


A cool and more untraditional alternative is a “breaking news video”, that conveys your message in an exiting format.


Check out JobAssigner’s own breaking news video here…


Give us a call today to bounce your ideas off on one of our project managers, or drop us an email.

Web Research

It’s really simple: we help you find what you’re looking for. It might be collecting and compiling information about organizations/competitors, creating reports based on multiple data sources, retrieving all available information on a person you are considering to hire, or anything else you need help researching. After all, spending your own time on other things than Google, is usually a better option.


We’ll also help your sales people stay focused on actual selling by feeding them leads from our Prospect Research service. Our experts can match your own people’s LinkedIn profiles with your prospects’ LinkedIn connections to identify new and powerful connections that can propel your sales efforts quickly.



To create an effective SEO process, we always do a quick SEO-analysis of your site(s). This is a quick and affordable task that gives you a powerful foundation when you decide if further SEO work is required or not.


The next step usually involves either on-site or off-site optimization, or a combination of these.


On-site is all about improving your website from all relevant SEO perspectives, and off-site optimization is about creating relevant, quality links to your website.